Training Programmes

DeafNET facilitates training workshops in Africa in partnership with the National Associations of the Deaf and other network partners.

HIV/AIDS Programme

The purpose of the HIV/AIDS Cube Toolkit is to provide Deaf accessible HIV/AIDS information with supporting visual and informational material.

Leadership & Management Training

DeafNET’s Leadership and Management Programme also called “the equip to serve and lead program” is designed to develop potential Deaf leaders through guidance, training and inspiration.

Social Competency Programme

The Social Competence Programme is based on the social competency model that aims to reinforce competent behaviour and reduce incompetent behaviour, acquire skills in order to gain and maintain balance between skills (social and personal) and tasks (developmental and communal), build a personal support network to cope with life events, social and disability-related stress, maintain a sense of well-being, and strengthen resilience.

Red Star Training Programme

This is a training method that empowers teachers with skills and methodology to impart reading and writing skills as well as sign language skills in Deaf learners. It equips Deaf learners with literacy, communication and numeracy abilities on levels earlier very difficult to achieve.

Scholarship Programme

DeafNET seeks to empower young Deaf boys and girls by offering them the opportunity to further their education. The promotion of education and training is an important activity for DeafNET. DeafNET supports one Deaf student from Africa per year to study at the National Institute of the DEAF FET College in Worcester for a period of at least 2yrs.


The Multi-media programme consists of:

  • Training of the Deaf in multi-media
  • Production of Sign Language DVD’s & Posters, and other visual material that assist African countries in creating a more accessible environment for the Deaf.

Arts & Culture Programme

The Arts and Culture Programme is a new programme of DeafNET.
The programme will focus on:

  • Training the Deaf in drama/visual arts
  • Partnership with DeafTV’s Zwakala Africa project
  • Accessibility of the Deaf to the Arts and Culture environment and knowledge

Sign Language Training Programme

DeafNET facilitates Sign Language training in Africa in cooperation with our network partners and the Associations of the Deaf in African countries. DeafNET provides SA Sign Language training as well as Interpreting Services. The main objective is to teach trainees to communicate and understand Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through the use of Sign Language.

The purpose of the training:

  • Reduce the barriers to communication with members of the Deaf Community
  • Involving Deaf people in conversations rather than isolating them
  • Include Deaf people and promote inclusivity in the workplace
  • Educating the public to improve communication with Deaf people so that they stop believing in myths such as shouting louder in order to be understood.


All DeafNET’s training programmes will soon be available on E-Learning.
Watch here.