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DeafNET Centre of Knowledge (DeafNET) is a network of knowledge and expertise in the interest of people in Africa who experience hearing loss and related communication barriers.

Its main objectives are the particularising, exchange and dissemination of knowledge and expertise on issues relating to persons with hearing loss to achieve their full potential.

These objectives are achieved among others by facilitating and promoting education, development, training, social services, and spiritual and mental well-being to such persons as well as the promotion of Sign Language and other preferred means of communication of persons with hearing loss, including appropriate utilisation of assistive devices.

DeafNET Africa Conference 2016 – THANK YOU

Latest DeafNET News

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019

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Join the DeafNET team at the world’s largest timed cycle race on 10 March 2019. Join the DeafNET Charity Group, start in a group with cyclists riding for the same cause,  have fun doing it whilst you use your influence to raise funds for a great…

Tanzania Empowerment for Persons with Disability (TEPDGHO) – Empower women with Disabilities in Tanzania campaign

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TEPDGHO intends to work help women with disability in Tanzania to empower them economically. Affordable income generating activities (IGA) will be initiated according to the geographical presence and opportunities of beneficiaries. There are potentials in empowering them with projects that will sustain their future. Major…

Report on Harvesting training to Beekeepers, Uganda – August 2018

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DeafNET aims to empower the Deaf with skills through our Beekeeping project. The purpose of the project is to contribute to poverty alleviation and also to promote sustainable development initiatives for Deaf people within the rural areas in Africa. We started this project in Uganda…

DeafNET 2018 Annual Report

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Welcome to the DeafNET 2018 Annual Report. It is our pleasure to introduce the Annual Report on the activities and achievements of DeafNET during the reporting period. We also wish to acknowledge our partners whose support made it possible for DeafNET to serve Deaf persons...

Second International Conference on Deaf Education – Morocco

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The Second International Conference on ‘Deaf Education’ was held on February 07 and 08, 2018 at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Rabat, Morocco. The aims of this conference was to heighten participants’ awareness of deafness issues and create a space for discussions about international…

Africa Day: 25 May 2018

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Africa UNITE! Today is Africa Day and we are reminded by Article 7 of the UNCRPD which highlights that we shall take all necessary measures to ensure the full enjoyment by children with disabilities of all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis…

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