The Red Star Process has the characteristics of the natural development of language. This training method empowers teachers with skills and methodology to impart reading and writing skills as well as sign language skills in Deaf learners. It equips Deaf learners with literacy and communication abilities on levels earlier very difficult to achieve.

DeafNET Centre of Knowledge and our partner, De la Bat School for the Deaf, visited Mozambique recently from 21-26 June 2015. The team consisted of Ms Marie-Louise Kanda, Coordinator of the Red Star Project from DeafNET, Mr Phillip Cook principal of De la Bat School for the Deaf and Mrs Ina Senekal the founder and facilitator of the Red Star Training method from De la Bat School.

The purpose of the follow-up visit was to monitor the implementation, progress of the training method and to give the necessary support to the three educators from ESCOLA DE EDUCAÇÃO ESPECIAL NO 1, Maputo, Mozambique, who were trained in the Red Star Training Method from 11 May to 7 June 2014. The trained educators are: Ms Adelina José Muchave (Deaf), Mr David Luís Nhantumbo and Ms Ricardina Abilío Tembe.