Magdel Burger (Sign Language Interpreter) and Solizma Benson (Deaf) from DeafNET assisted with Sign Language for a Theatre piece called “Kinders van Stilte.”

Magdel together with Solizma initially spent about 4 days with Vicki Fourie, Goodwill Ambassador of DeafNET and former Miss Deaf SA, which flowed into a request to assist the rest of the cast with Sign Language.

Well known South African actors like, Zane Meas, Goodwill Ambassador for DeafNET and Antoinette Louw performed, together with Jason Farao, a new face in the Theatre and of course Vicki Fourie.

The aim of the Production was to create Deaf awareness, where the Lead Role, Vicki (as Sandra), who is Deaf, uses Sign Language only – refusing to speak. Zane (as Jeremy), is a Speech Therapist, trying to convince her that life without speech is useless. A romance starts between them because even though Sandra is against speech and according to Jeremy, “not even someone I’ll consider as a life-partner”, an attraction develops between them leading into a drama where the perspectives and emotions of Hearing and Deaf worlds are beautifully captured.

After only about 3 weeks, the “Kinders van Stilte” performed at the Bloemfontein, Wynand Mouton Theatre during the “Vryfees” in 2013, and received a standing ovation after every performance!

Magdel and Solizma were invited to attend in Bloemfontein and stayed over by Gustav and Rosie Wilson. Gustav is the Regional Head at Department of Correctional Services, and Rosie is a talented Gospel Singer and Songwriter – and also now a proud Goodwill Ambassador for DeafNET.

From DeafNET, we would just like to publicly thank the Wilson family for their hospitality towards our employees- relationship building is important to us – and we thank you for opening up your house and your hearts.

We are proud to announce that we have now confirmed three DeafNET Goodwill Ambassadors in this “Silent journey”, they are: Rosie Wilson, Zane Meas and Vicki Fourie!

Keep doing the good work that you are doing, we support you all the way! It’s an honour for DeafNET to be affiliated with you.