Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassadors

Most successful people today, express an intense commitment and desire to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador of an efficient and effective organisation, where they can add value towards a well defined cause as a strong collective. In fact, most of these successful people share a deep concern for the world’s poor and a commitment to making the world a better place for all by eradicating global poverty, and ensuring environmental sustainability, and protecting human rights, caring for and supporting the empowerment and development of the disabled and children, etc.

DeafNET Centre of Knowledge supports the United Nation Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD), therefore as a leading organisation in Africa who empowers the Deaf and their families, we enlist the voluntary services and support of likeminded successful and prominent people as DeafNET Goodwill Ambassadors to work with DeafNET to address the needs of the Deaf in Africa.

As DeafNET embraces a vigorous attitude in order to strengthen its projects and activities, resource capabilities and growth, it is currently in the process of firmly increasing the appointment of DeafNET Goodwill Ambassadors to achieve just that. By increasing the amount of DeafNET Goodwill Ambassadors internationally, DeafNET will be in a position to become a world class network of knowledge and expertise in the interest of people in Africa who experience hearing loss and related communication barriers. It will significantly broaden the development programmes and assist DeafNET to promote the improvement of the health and well-being of the Deaf.

Besides providing vital assistance in and towards the various DeafNET empowerment programmes, DeafNET Goodwill Ambassadors are most valuable in articulating the significant importance of corporate philanthropy to all the successful people of this world, and to inspire and motivate such fellow successful people to become part of DeafNET Centre of Knowledge to ensure that the Deaf in Africa are empowered and has accessible and equal opportunities.

This exciting and challenging DeafNET Goodwill Ambassador positions are however available only to visionary, dynamic and energetic individuals and companies who are willing to compliment the values and principles of DeafNET Centre of Knowledge.

​What does DeafNET expect from our Goodwill Ambassadors (DGAs)

  • Celebrity representatives of DeafNET
  • Use their talent and fame to give voice to the Deaf in Africa and the Indian Ocean Island
  • They compliment the work of DeafNET with their privilege access to mass media and other resources
  • DGAs communicate the message of respect and compassion for the Deaf to the general public in a unique and powerful way
  • They capture massive public attention through public events, television shows, radio interviews and popular magazine articles
  • DGAs voice their support for the Deaf in meetings with international leaders, politicians, diplomats, community leaders and the public at large
  • Real desire should be to help and empower Deaf people in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands
  • Should initiate at least one (1) fundraising project per annum to support the call of DeafNET
  • DGAs can be sport stars, academics, musicians, actors, writers, businessmen, Deaf icons, style icons, photographers, mental health workers and students/youth, etc.
  • Should be called/named: eg, Ambassador Attie Smit
  • They give their time freely to help DeafNET in its challenging mission.