Pastry Making

DeafNET, in partnership with the Aaleemee Society and the Deaf Association of Mauritius, hosted a second training in pastry making, targeting eight Deaf people to empower them with appropriate knowledge, skills and utensils.
Ms Irani Jankee, DAC Indian Ocean Representative, coordinated the project.

This project’s aim is to turn lives around by seizing opportunities to take up internships and promoting sustainable development initiatives.

The training was held from 12 September-18 November 2020.


On the 17th October 2020, a workshop was held on ways to effectively promote honey to business in the region of Jinja, Uganda supported by DeafNET. This is part of an ongoing process to continue to equip the Deaf beekeepers with the necessary knowledge, skills, marketing and management skills. DeafNET through its DAC regional representative, Mr Bwire Edgar continues to follow up and monitor the progress of this project in Uganda.